General Pricing

All labor rates are on a per hour basis, with a 2 hour minimum. Moves for customers who need us to bring a truck there is a 3 hour minimum.

Two Man Crew(Labor only) : $70

Two Man Crew(With truck) : $100
Three Man Crew(Labor only) : $105

Three Man Crew(With truck) : $135
Four Man Crew(Labor only) : $140

Four Man Crew(With truck) : $170
Five Man Crew(Labor only) : $175

Five Man Crew(With truck) : $205
Six Man Crew(Labor only) : $210

Six Man Crew(With truck) : $240

Larger crews are available by request or job requirement. We strongly recommend calling or e-mailing us for a more customized quote based on your specific necessities.

We provide our own equipment such as dollies, hand trucks, plastic wrap, top grade furniture blankets, and tools to expedite your move.